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Ace your app (like it's your job).
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As AT&T responds to COVID-19, the health and safety of our employees, customers and applicants remains our top priority. The work we do is critical to millions of people and companies around the world staying connected. We are committed to ensuring this work continues. To deliver on our mission, we are still actively recruiting for the roles posted on

To learn more about what our company is doing & what you need to know, click here.

Applicant resources

Clicking “submit” when you’re applying for a job is a big deal – and that’s just the start. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know as your application gets the AT&T treatment.

Application Status

What’s the word on your application? Let’s take a look.


Whether you’re having technical difficulties or need to chat with a live person, we’ve been there. Take a peek at our roundup of frequently asked questions or feel free to say "hi” to an Application Specialist in the small blue box on the bottom right anytime Monday – Friday, 8am to 5pm CST.


Applicant experience

Want to know what to expect? Here’s a breakdown of the typical application process.

  • Your experience can take between 4 – 6 weeks.
  • Check your email regularly for any follow-ups.
  • You may have to pass an assessment before moving on to the next step.
  • Your interview may be online. Make sure you have a strong connection and dress professionally.
  1. Complete any necessary assessments. For more in-depth information, check out our Study Guides.

  2. Conduct your interviews – in person, by phone or over video chat

  3. Conduct any follow-up interviews

  4. Receive a conditional job offer

  5. Complete the background check

  6. Congratulations and welcome to AT&T!

Interview tips

Been a while since your last interview? Think of this checklist as a helpful refresher:

Dress to impress (but not too much)

Professional attire will help make a great first impression. But be sure your outfit doesn’t overshadow what you’ve got to say.

Mind your body language

Greeting your interviewer with a firm handshake sends a strong signal. Make eye contact throughout and refrain from fidgeting.

Give us some background

Come prepared with stories from past jobs or in school. Show us how you’ve succeeded or what you’ve learned – and above all, be specific.

Show what you know

Highlight qualifications and skills that will give us the best idea of how fit you are for this role. We also love to know about your experiences and that you have a great attitude.

Answer the big question

“Why should we hire you?” might come up in the interview. Prepare an answer that’s confident, concise and speaks to our needs as a company.

And ask us some, too

This is a big opportunity to learn more about the role and what we do. Plus, it shows that you are curious and want to offer us the very best.

Bring back up (information)

Just in case we need it, have some of the key information you included in your application – like, education, previous employment and where you have lived for the past seven years.

Finish strong

How you leave is just as important as how you enter. Remember to show interest in the role and remind us what you can do for our company.

Think about what’s next

Ask about the decision date for the hiring as well as who you should contact for any follow up. We love seeing the continued initiative.

Connect with recruiters

We know this is all a lot to take in – and you probably still have some questions. That’s why our recruiters are always available to help. Say hi on social or check out our Glassdoor page to see what others are saying about our careers.

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