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Call Center Career Employees

Have You Considered A Call Center Opportunity?

Did you know our call center employees have the opportunity to explore a wide variety of career opportunities? At AT&T, we believe our top talent comes from within, which is why we provide a lot of ways for our employees to learn and grow. From tuition aid programs, internal networking, mentoring opportunities, and development programs, the options for new experiences within AT&T is endless.

Potential Career Opportunities:

  • Customer Service Manager
  • Executive Director
  • Sales Manager
  • Corporate Communications
  • Call Center Operations
  • Technical Support

Start here, go anywhere! Hear from a few of our employees who started in our call centers and are now working in other areas of the company:

I leveraged the AT&T tuition aid plan in order to secure both my Bachelors and Masters degree and then I really asked my manager for help. I never said no and took on new challenges.

Kevin McDorman,

Assistant Vice President of Contact Transformation

The call center is a great place to start because you learn a ton about the company. The amount of training you get in customer service is something that can take you not only within AT&T but really any where you go.

Robyn Ince,

General Manager, AT&T Entertainment and Internet Services

I wanted to position myself as an expert – as someone who folks would go to if they needed help. So I volunteered for special projects, which allowed me to be viewed as leader, not only in our center but with folks across the company.

Shay Phillips,

Executive Director Service Management

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