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JoHanna ATT Employee

Why Veterans And Military Spouses Make Great Employees

JoHanna Martinez has been with AT&T for 17 years and currently serves as our Military Talent Attraction Manager. In this role she serves without wearing a uniform – supporting the men and women she appreciates most. But it’s her experience as a military spouse that sets her apart from the rest. She sees both sides and is an amazing resource for our veteran employees and their families.

Hear from JoHanna on how her life experience as a military spouse helps her in her career:

The unique living situation as a MilSpouse has a direct correlation to our careers at AT&T. Having the ability to create a birthday party with toilet paper and glue equates to improvising, understand budget constraints, accomplishing the goal with available resources and determination to deliver. There is always that spouse that knows the cake lady, seamstress, and baby sitter. They learn early on that their “network” is the key to understanding military culture, what the base provides, and where to seek assistance. In our world, that means you are great at relationship building, teamwork, networking and being resourceful.

As a military spouse, you didn’t make the decision to serve our country and accept that you would be sacrificing time away from your family. A spouse has a different journey all together and understands that being married to someone serving our country will come with its own sacrifice and challenges. There isn’t a MilSpouse “boot camp” or a manual to explain how to make the best situation with the resources available. But, you can always distinguish a seasoned spouse because of their ability to make amazing things happen with limited resources.

I had the pleasure of serving active duty in the Marine Corps and adjusting to being a MilSpouse during Operation Enduring Freedom. Being able to have both perspectives certainly gave me a better understanding and greater appreciation for spouses back home. When you are deployed, everyone around you is going through the exact same situation but for spouses, most people can empathize with your situation but it’s difficult to understand. Since I couldn’t deploy, I made it my mission to support the spouses within my network and was recognized as Marine Corps Wife of the Year in 2003. I’ve heard some people say that being a veteran means you don’t “really” understand what being a MilSpouse is like but I feel like families that serve our country do it together. It doesn’t matter what branch, how long or where you served... at the end the day veterans and their spouses make the best employees.

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