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Life At AT&T Podcast Episode: Pivot

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She started in retail. Now she’s in Tech Dev. On the latest Life at AT&T podcast, hear how Kara Reeves transitioned a decade of retail experience into a corporate gig.

Kara works on the WorkSmart team in Technology Development. A few years ago, she didn’t even think her current job existed. And when she found out about it, she didn’t think it could possibly be as good as it is.

“We help teams learn how to use the collaboration tools that we have within the company to make better, more productive use of time for their teams and for themselves,” Kara said.

So, how did she get this dream job? She spent about a decade in the retail organization, and then decided she wanted to make a pivot. A big, cross-company pivot. Then, she helped other retail employees in her district to do the same with a development program she created herself.

Listen to the latest Life at AT&T podcast to hear what she did to make it happen. You might even get inspired to join AT&T and use your unique talents to create your own career pivot.

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