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Designing your future (and future technology)

UX Designers crack the code for big possibilities.

At AT&T, we’re focused on driving game-changing innovation. And as a UX Design Manager in our Experience Design Studio, that’s what Ashley Tarnow does every day. Check out the unique opportunities she found in a tech career at AT&T, and how her team helps her to succeed.

  1. Tell me about your position.

    I’m a UX Design Manager in the Experience Design Studio. We’re responsible for designing all of AT&T’s entertainment products. We really are user advocates – my goal every day is to excite and delight our customers.

  2. What brought you to AT&T?

    Five years ago, I saw a big opportunity for web and TV to merge and for TV to be influenced by web experiences. Now, I’m designing features and innovations in an agile, flexible and evolving environment.

  3. What excites you about your work?

    We create products that millions of people use every day. Right now, we’re working on designs for our current generation of products and how we can improve that experience. Plus, we’re designing future applications for the next generation of TV, which is really exciting.

  4. How is your team driving innovation?

    As designers, it’s up to us to push the engineering team to innovate further and try new things. And we’re constantly challenging the technology side to support new features that we know our customers will want.

  5. What sets AT&T apart from other tech companies?

    We have a large team with support from the top down. Here, UX Design is understood, appreciated and valued. That’s really important so that designers can get projects pushed through and completed. And you don’t see that everywhere.

  6. What do you like most about your job?

    The variety of challenges is what keeps me here – there’s never a dull moment and we are constantly working and pivoting. Plus, I love being part of a large company with opportunities for professional growth.

  7. Tell us about some of those opportunities for growth.

    I started as a Senior Designer before moving to a Lead. Now, I’m in a Manager role. So if you have a desire for management, the path and opportunity is there. Or, if you want to be an individual contributor, you can grow and move forward, too.

  8. How would you describe the work environment and culture of your team?

    Our work environment is highly collaborative, creative and respectful. We are close-knit and push each other to challenge ideas. That’s how we succeed.

  9. How has working at AT&T helped you further your education?

    Here at AT&T, you have the chance to grow personally and professionally. For me, the management training, leadership classes and feedback have been great.

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